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Feather Boutique Armadale

1 Year Anniversary of our Armadale Boutique

On Friday 8th March, we celebrated International Women's Day along with the one year anniversary of our Armadale Boutique. Opening our doors to customers both old and new as well as passersby, we honoured both the achievements and contributions of women globally, including those of our sole owner and founder, Margaret Porritt, who started Feathers 52 years ago.

We are so proud of our Armadale Boutique and its own growth and success over the year. This dual celebration served to recognise and support women's contributions in all spheres, and commemorate milestones that reflect both personal and collective achievements.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Euro Lounge Armadale for providing food and gelato, our stylists for the day; Alex Ritter and our very own Sonia Fiora and, lastly, those who joined us for this special event.

Owner and founder, Margaret Porritt.

Food provided by Euro Lounge Armadale.

Alex Ritter and our store manager Sonia Fiora.