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About Us

Founded by Margaret Porritt in 1972, Feathers Boutique has grown to become one of Melbourne's most iconic fashion brands.

Along with a talented and passionate team, Porritt remains at the helm of the company where she oversees the design of every single garment, guaranteeing the highest quality and ensuring that the brand is ever-evolving. Porritt’s passion for being ahead of the latest fashion trends, whilst retaining a range of classic and timeless pieces, brings Feathers to the forefront of today’s fashion industry.
Margaret is informed by over fifty years of experience in the fashion industry. Growing up admiring the talents of her milliner mother, she formed an appreciation for aesthetics and design from a young age. After working in the UK for Norman Hartnell, former dressmaker to the Queen, Margaret undertook a millinery apprenticeship with her mother before deciding to start her own womenswear brand… Feathers!

Now with a succession of fifteen stores and over fifty employees, Feathers centres itself around offering generations of Australian women the opportunity to wear quality, on-trend designer styles at an affordable price. Margaret credits the brand’s success to three main elements; her team, (many of whom have been with the company for over twenty-five years) the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing, and the ability to rapidly turn around product from design-phase to shop floor.
Porritt and her team are proud to offer women of all ages and silhouettes endless sophistication, practicality and style. As a brand, FEATHERS aims to empower women and inspire personal confidence. Shopping at FEATHERS is all about the experience, whereby exceptional customer service and communication skills are at the crux of the brand’s objectives. FEATHERS’ growth and determination in the industry is fuelled by new store openings, evolving concepts, and constant adaptability.