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AW24 'Lost in Marrakech' Luncheon

AW24 'Lost in Marrakech' Luncheon

Nestled in the picturesque Portsea, Margaret Porritt's residence radiated an aura of sophistication and tranquility as it played host to an exclusive event unveiling the latest collection, 'Lost in Marrakech.' The day was a celebration of nature's raw beauty intertwined with fashion's creative expression, promising a journey through earthy tones and textures tailored for every season.
As guests arrived, they were greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blended luxury with nature's embrace. Soft earthy tones of sandy beiges, mossy greens, and warm terracotta adorned the space, setting the stage for a sartorial adventure inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Marrakech. 
The magic of the event was not solely confined to the garments on display. It was the meticulous attention to detail and the collaborative efforts of individuals who elevated the experience to extraordinary heights.
A heartfelt shoutout to SenRung for their culinary masterpieces that tantalised the taste buds and added a delectable layer of sophistication to the gathering, as well as the exquisite table settings that perfectly complemented our Moroccan theme. Furthermore, Zonzo Estate's divine beverages perfectly complemented the ambiance, elevating the overall sensory experience and table settings hired from Harry the Hirer.
As guests mingled and immersed themselves in the ambiance, the event was captured in its entirety by the talented lens of PJ Pantelis. Through his photography, every moment of elegance and inspiration was immortalised, ensuring that the memories forged on this day would endure.
As the day drew to a close, guests departed with hearts full of inspiration and anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead. For in the world of fashion, as in life, the journey is just as enchanting as the destination.
Beautiful furnishing and tableware provided by Harry the Hirer
Tablescape and arrangements the work of SenRung.
Daria wears the Cosmopolitan Top and Darcy wears the Quintin Set.
Alissa wears the Monroe JacketPaige wears the Goya Shirt and Spencer Trench and Maia wears the Motto Jacket.
Nadia wears the Apollo Vest and Ben wears the Strut Blazer.
Ann and Rebecca wear the Tropical Dress and Margaret wears our Victory Top.
Delicious food and incredible service courtesy of SenRung.
 Sublime drinks by Zonzo Estate.
Ash wears the Night Fever Top.
James  wears the Francis Shirt and Francis Pant.